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KCA's Unique Educational Program

Kūlia Christian Academy strives to educate the whole child focusing on academic growth, social/emotional growth, and spiritual growth.

Academic Growth:

Kūlia Christian Academy believes that quality early childhood education is imperative in creating a solid academic foundation. An experienced team of educators has created a collaborative learning envrionment and unique curriculum that promotes active learning and learning through discovery. Our unique curriculum allows students to learn and develop in to confident individuals who are ready for kindergarten. The KCA teaching staff values the importance of being life-long learners and seeks to promote a love for learning in each KCA student.


Social and Emotional Growth:

Kūlia Christian Academy understands that social and emotional growth is an important aspect of early childhood development. Children will grow in independence as they learn to socialize and work cooperatively with their peers as well as learn to articulate and share their thoughts and feelings. KCA also promotes healthy social and emotional growth through character education. Students will be taught and encouraged to model godly character traits at school and at home.

Spiritual Growth:

Creating a Christ-centered learning environment is the key component of KCA’s educational program. Children will gather each day for devotions that will include worship, a Bible story, and the learning of weekly Bible verses. Weekly chapels are also an important part of the program. The emphasis on godly character traits will be a focus of both social/emotional and spiritual growth.

Rich Learning Environment

Our experienced teaching staff is excited to be a part of the opening of Kūlia Christian Academy at New Hope Oʻahu. The opportunity to start with a blank canvas and create a rich learning environment that sparks curiosity and a love for learning in each student is at the forefront of our planning. Understanding that preschoolers learn best through experience and through hands-on exploration our program allows for students to learn through multi-sensory activities. 

Group Learning Activities

An important part of early learning comes through socialization and cooperative learning activities. KCA's staff will incorporate group learning opportunities that will work on various skills such as fine motor, gross motor, social, and listening skills. From lacing cards, writing activities, and even during lunch periods, children will have the opportunity to socialize, actively learn and take part in shared experiences along with their peers.

Hands-On Exploration

At KCA, our goal is to encourage active learning through hands-on exploration. Free-choice and guided play, indoor and outdoor play, as well as structured and open-ended activities, will allow students to learn by DOING. While the choices of activities may differ from our young three's coming to school for the first time and our oldest JK students who are preparing for kindergarten, hands-on exploration will engage and challenge our young learners.

Music, Art, and ʻOhana

At KCA music, art, and ʻohana are an important part of our day! Whether it is a song during circle time that draws children in as they hear their name being sung or a song that teaches kids different parts of their body in Hawaiian, kids love and learn through music! Exploring the world around us through art enhances learning and allows children to stretch their creativity. So the answer is, "Yes if your child is enrolled at KCA, your child will be coming home with masterpieces regularly."

At Kūlia Christian Academy, we value ʻohana and our goal is to partner with families in educating your young children. As we open the school during a pandemic, state regulations restrict visitors on campus. But as soon as we are able to, we will incorporate ʻohana events and activities that will allow you to join your child on campus in a variety of learning activities.

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