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Kūlia Christian Academy at New Hope Oʻahu (KCA) is a ministry of New Hope Oʻahu (NHO). The school is located at NHO's Sand Island Campus.


Kūlia Christian Academy's motto "E Kūlia i ka Naʻauao Mai Ke Akua" means striving to obtain Godly wisdom. Kūlia Christian Academy's staff “strives” to encourages its young students to know and love God and to seek Him daily.

Kūlia Christian Academy believes that it can best support student growth by intentionally investing in their lives. Each day the staff of Kūlia Christian Academy will intentionally work to create an environment where children will:

  1. Develop into independent learners who are encouraged to be inquisitive and critical thinkers.

  2. Deepen their relationship with Christ and grow in their knowledge of God’s Word.

  3. Learn to be confident knowing they can do all things through Christ.


KCA’s childcare program will focus on caring for and educating preschool-aged children. The center will include a three's, four’s, and junior kindergarten program.

Striving to inspire and equip children to grow academically, socially, spiritually in a Christ-centered environment.


"E kūlia i ka Naʻauao Mai ke Akua" Striving for Godly wisdom.


Striving to create a quality Christian childcare center that serves its students, families, and community.


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